Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Job of Jupiter, Coincidence?

Is it a Coincidence that the gravitational pull of  Jupiter is Why we are not bombarded by meteor's.

Is it a Coincidence that the Earth is the exact distance from the Sun to allow us to have liquid Water which is not boiling?

Thousands of coincidences that say ... In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth so that we could live on the Planet Earth.

Are you descended from an Ape or are you created in the image of God?

Everything around us is so complex in its form that those facts scream out God created!

 The single cell everything starts from the single cell where did it come from? God

DNA a computer program telling the fetus in its mothers womb to be this way or that way!

The bible I believe proves that we are created by the sheer number of prophecies that have been fulfilled.

The Stars i.e. the heavens show his handiwork ... night and day and seasons and so forth show design!

Why do men continue to try to prove their is not God!

Their deeds ... simple as that ... !

John 3:17,18,19

Your choice you can believe the account in the Bible or Junk Science ! We all know that men do not lie!