Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The hypocrisy of the Church, especially the Pharisees!

 Deuteronomy 4:9

Isaiah 58

The prophet, has his commission and charge renewed to reprove the sinners in Zion, particularly the hypocrites, to show them their transgressions

(Isaiah 55:11)
 We Plant the Seed, someone else Waters it BUT God gives the increase. All of us have fallen short of the Glory of God. All of US need to examine ourselves from time to time . Study to be approved of God NOT for the praise of Men.
 It is intended for admonition and warning to all hypocrites, and is not to be confined to those of any one age. Some refer it primarily to those at that time when Isaiah prophesied;

 Isaiah 33:14;       Isaiah 29:13.

Others to the captives in Babylon, the wicked among them, to whom the prophet had declared there was no peace

Isaiah 57:21.

Against the terror of that word they thought to shelter themselves with their external performances, particularly their fastings, which they kept up in Babylon, and for some time after their return to their own land,

Zechariah 7:3

The prophet therefore here shows them that their devotions would not entitle them to peace while their conversations were not at all of a piece with them. Others think it is principally intended against the hypocrisy of the Jews, especially the Pharisees before and in our Savior's time: they boasted of their fasting, but Christ (as the prophet here) showed them their transgressions (Matthew 23), much the same with those they are here charged with.


 I. The plausible profession of religion which they made (Isaiah 58:2).

  II. The boasts they made of that profession, and the blame they laid upon God for taking no more notice of it (Isaiah 58:3).

 III. The sins they are charged with, which spoiled the acceptableness of their fasts (Isaiah 58:4,
Isaiah 58:5).

 IV. Instructions given them how to keep fasts aright (Isaiah 58:6, Isaiah 58:7). 

V. Precious promises made to those who do so keep fasts (Isaiah 58:8-12).

VI. The like precious promises made to those that sanctify sabbaths aright (Isaiah 58:13, Isaiah 58:14).