Friday, March 21, 2014

Christians what are we to be doing? Last Day Preparations!

 Friday, March 21, 2014

Russia is acting very provocatively on the World Stage these days, the bible speaks to us about world events!

 Am I afraid? An emphatic and Resounding  NO!! I am encouraged This world is not my home.

  I have my staff in hand, My lamp is full of Oil and I am waiting and watching as I have been instructed to do. Am I sinless no and in this life I never will be. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of  God.

The Bible is my authority, The Bible gives me the answers NOT MEN if you are following some man as HE follows Christ you both might fall into a ditch(That saying is not in the Bible it comes from the traditions of men)! All the Chatter, Contention and Confusion does not come from the Lord. It comes from the Father of all Liars and He is alive and acting very provocatively these days.

What is our responsibility as Christians!

I can't find a verse where the bible says that we should be complacent at any time of our Christian lives.

Have I been complacent? Yes I have been, but this is not the time to be taking my leisure.

I could justify retiring I am pushing 70 real hard and   I have worked hard my whole life, I have raised my children and I have confessed the sins of my youth,  I have a crown waiting, it might be a small one but I have one.

What about you?

My parents and Grandparents where Christians!

I claimed to be one BUT I really did not become a Christian until I SAW myself as the Lord saw me and then MY Heart changed!

It never hurts to re-examine ourselves to be sure that we are in the Faith!

It never hurts to ask God to explain Bible verses to us ones that you might have been taught wrong!

Jesus says that He will give us a helper when we are saved and that helper will guide us into all truth.

Jesus says that there is no private interpretation of the Bible.

Jesus says that IF we ask for Wisdom He will give it to us and will not be prejudiced.

 The Key to Faith and Bible Prophecy is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a Trust in His Word.

Faith is to believe that Jesus Christ is Who He claims to be and that GOD is in control of everything.

 The Bible has been warning the world about this war Since before Jesus Christ came and died for the Sins of the World.

The Bible Prophets spoken of Jesus Christ from the Beginning In Genesis until He came as the King to fulfill the Kingdom of God ... Matthew gives us His Genealogy ... He came to fulfill the Law and the Prophects and has done just that! Any honest search on how many prophecies He has fulfilled will overwhelm you !

Honestly Ask Jesus to come into your heart and open your understanding of the Word of God THE Bible!

Why do we believe that Daniel 12:4 is talking about this period of Time i.e. The Last Day ?

Which Countries is Daniel 7:4  referring to?

The Palestinian Covenant Deuteronomy 30:1-9 
Entire subject 28:1 - 30:20!

Isaiah 17

Ezekiel 38

Of Course as Christians we are safe and under the wings of our Savior Jesus Christ. True Believers will be peaceful even when the world is immersed in such uncertainty and  turmoil. That does not mean that we should be uncaring about the unsaved world, that would be selfish and We are called to be zealous of good works showing a dying world that God loves them!

 Jesus says in the Bible that in this world we will have tribulation i.e. trouble and more so as we approach the Last Days.

The  Bible teaches us that God is in control and all these things must happen before our Lord returns.