Sunday, February 16, 2014

Biblical Convictions!

 Biblical con·vic·tions:  

Firmly held beliefs  NOT  opinions Based upon Gods Word the Bible.

 "His biblical convictions"

I have a conviction NOT an opinion!

We should NOT repeat something about another Christian that is Slanderous !

I don't like it when it happens to me and I don't like it when it happens to you !

I have an acquaintance that does that every time I speak to him !

That behavior tears the church down, it is not edifying to the Church!

There are no perfect Christians IF you think you are perfect the truth is not in you!

If you classify others you are a Pharisee!

Charles Stanley:
"Christians should base convictions on biblical principles. Followers of Jesus should show consideration to fellow believers who hold different opinions on disputable matters. Seek to hold true to your beliefs, regardless of the cost."

A Christian man , when I said that I liked to watch Charles Stanley, Said to me,  you know that He was bla bla bla !

I know that Charles puts his pants on one leg at a time so do I, all of us are guilty before God!

My question is : How does shutting Charles mouth Help The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

If Charles, or any other Christian has confessed, who am I to censure HIM He belongs to God!

Do I believe that Charles is preaching the gospel on every last subject ?

WE have some doctrinal differences, nothing major.

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water .... and Charles Stanley is not Baby!

Jesus said if you are not for the gospel YOU are against it !

Don't count the cost of rebuking bad behavior !

We are in the Last Days!

This is no time to be a Coward!

In a World of confusion, opinion, debate and Apostasy this is not the time to be afraid of  being politically incorrect ... !

Don't let anyone shorten the arm of the lord in your life.

Fight the good fight!

Greater is he that is in you !


If you have a problem with something I have said please feel free to speak to me .... Don't be a backbitter or a talebearer ... be my friend and speak to me!