Friday, February 14, 2014

Noah in the Bible!

Holly Wood has a movie out about Noah.

 I am not going to buy a ticket , because I already know what it will be, it will be about money and  it will be about propaganda  against the truth.

 I prefer to read the bible for myself to find out just what Noah was about. 

I believe Noah to be a true story because Jesus said in the Bible that the last days are going to be just like they were in the days of Noah .. i.e. Violence was everywhere and they were continually thinking about unclean things.

 They did not want to keep the knowledge of God in their teachings and so God gave them over to a Reprobate mind. 

A Reprobate is someone with a broken mind.

 Gods Covenant With Noah!

 Noah found favor with God!

What is the Story of Noah's Ark and the Flood that cleansed the World of Sin.

This is the size of the Ark compared to a modern Ship!

Biblical Dimensions!

The Rainbow promise!

I could pretend to be some really smart guy who has all the answers and get you to follow me ... OR I could tell you that YOU can have the wisdom, YOU only need ask.
Ask the Lord to help you connect the dots.

He can and will come to you and have an input in your life!

He did with me and I did not need any man to teach me !

If you are not saved you need to ask the Lord into your heart and He will give you the spirit of God to direct you into all truth.

Once you have the spirit of God to help you the rest of the story will unfold !

Read the Bible for yourself .. I will offer this advice start with an honest heart and start in the Gospel of John ... If you sincerely want the truth .. He will guide you ...

I hope you find Jesus .. I can recommend HIM and only him!