Monday, February 17, 2014

The spirit of whoredoms!

The spirit of whoredoms AND Perversions work hand in hand. 

These spirits have captured AND captivated Europe and America's young people.

The Media and our Public School Systems and Our Leaders push these Perversions daily.

What does The Bible Say?

Thus Sayeth the Lord!


Welcome to Babylon and the results of Sin!

Hosea 4:1

Ezekiel 23:48

Ezekiel 23:29

Ezekiel 23:49 

Numbers 14:33

2 Kings 9:22

2 Chronicles 21:13

Jeremiah 3:1 

Jesus Christ is the God of second chances IF you have failed He will forgive!

If you have not received Christ as your savior then Read The Gospel of John and Ask Jesus to come in and cleanse you !

ALL i.e. EVERYONE has sinned THERE are NO big and little Sins Just Sin !

Come Unto Me

I hope you find rest for your soul: