Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parsing Words.

Contentious would be another word you could use!

I guess people just have to debate.

 It is just in the old Nature to do so! 

Debate, the whole world is Debating!

The Talking Heads ?

The Bible Says that God is not the Author of confusion!

Prideful men are, concerned with making themselves out to be somebody!

What does Debate produce? Confusion.

We have access to a guide,  Jesus Christ gives us this guide when we ask,The spirit of God  leads us into all truth.

We only have to ask HIM before we start to read and He will teach us.

WHY is this necessary, because of the confusion that Men create with their opinions!

I have been a christian all my life, if you want to find fault with me that won't take long, Trust the Lord not men or any individual!

What do you have for me today Lord?