Monday, February 10, 2014

Father Knows Best !

  Do you remember Father Knows Best ? It was a feel good TV program in the 50's, that was really popular ! Hollywood's version of the perfect family, where all of life's problems get worked out in thirty minutes !

  The Parents in the program always had just the right thing to say : Father was especially wise and Mother was always picture perfect ! She had her hair styled, make up on and was baking cookies ! An idyllic world where , everyone was smiling, the sun was shining and the birds all sang in unison.

You get the Idea, it was a fantasy life that most people do not achieve, and for some can be very discouraging! People just have problems that they are not equipped to handle. There are books galore, everywhere on every subject . Only one book has all the answers, for all the issues of life. That one special book is Gods Word the Bible, and it comes with a built in tutor, the author of the book !

The Author of the Bible is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit comes to you when you ask Jesus Christ into your life. If you would like to learn more about Jesus the Messiah,
The Gospel of John is a good place to start:
God came in the form of a man  to make peace with you, and the good news is he did not come to condemn you  !

What does it mean to be Born again?

You are a child of your mothers at  birth and a Child of God when you ask, you have to ask! You had no choice in the first birth , But the second birth is your choice, think about that for a moment , it is your choice God will not force you to come to him. Drugs, Divorce or a ruined life will !

If you have made the decision to accept Christ then The spirit of Jesus Christ will now be your guide!

I hope you find him:

If you have been saved for along time but have slipped a little or are not feeling the joy of your salvation ... Read Hebrews 4 and ask the Lord to help you enter into His REST!


"Come quickly Lord Jesus"

Study Tips:

  • When you see the word therefore or wherefore read the preceding verses to get the context!
  • Ask yourself Who is speaking
  • Who are they speaking too
  • Under whose authority
  • What is the Subject
ADVANCED: What Dispensation ?