Friday, February 14, 2014

Trust the Lord !

These are The Last Days:

Our Trust has to be in the Lord because we are living in a world of Opinion ! The talking heads talk ... One spins it this way another spins it that way ... another spins it out of control!

The Bible is our safety ... SO ...

Here is a quick Tour of the Bible have fun!

The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to trust Jesus!

We have all the tools at our finger tips !

Use them while you can i.e. Read the Bible for yourself !

Whose Church do YOU belong too ?

 Who is your Spiritual Leader ?

 Who should we follow ?

How do we answer these Questions ?

Our First Birth:
We are born in the flesh when our mothers water breaks !
We don't come out of our Mothers Womb with all the answers.
 She takes care of us and feeds us until we are able to feed ourselves.
We are eventually able to talk,walk,feed and support ourselves !
Fathers take the job of teaching boys how to be men !
Mothers take the job of teaching girls how to be Ladies !

Correct me if I am wrong but that is it in a NutShell .

Our Second Birth:
 We are born by the spirit of God when we accept Jesus Christ !
 We are given HIS spirit to guide us.

The first birth is quite clear who your parents Are!

The second birth happens when you are older and YOU can make a conscious decision .

The Bible should be consulted on all the issues of life
 using your spiritual guide the holy spirit to guide you into all truth!

 IF we forget that principle we open ourselves up for a curse !

Your Job as a Christian is to see if the things I just said are true or spun in some way !

Tips on the study of the Bible  !

  • Who is Speaking?
  • Speaking to Whom?
  • Under What Authority?
  • What is the Subject?
  • What is the Dispensation? 
 The word Therefore is There for a reason!

It means read the preceding to get the context of the verse!

We should always Ask the Lord to give US  Wisdom!

Ask him before you start a study and He will help you make the right choices.

Don't Trust Me Trust the Lord,