Saturday, March 1, 2014

Every Jot and Every Tittle!

Nothing will be hidden!

Every Lie from every Liar!

All of Us will be held accountable!

That is every stupid thing that I ever did or said in anger will be known by everyone you ever knew! And my family will not be there to lie for me. I will have to be judged with the justice, I have been judging others with! Have you been harsh with some of Gods children? I feel sorry for you, if you have been unfair to even the least of one of the disciples of Christ ... their cry's will be heard .. you will not be able to call them bitter then.

No secrets .. NONE!

Perfect Justice no family ties to give you the edge.

ooo ... man ... hmmm ... sobering thought !

Some of us will have confessed these sins and will have been forgiven and they will have been forgotten by the Lord  BUT ... Some of us will have to answer before the righteous God who will not give us a pat on the head and a wink of the eye because we are afraid of loosing something ... you know the approval of men!

 I suggest that you confess if you have been guilty of consenting to the harsh treatment of Gods Children.

You know who you are and so does the Lord.

We live in the Last Days ... this is the time to love one in other in honesty and in truth ... don't let your pride keep you from going to your brothers and sisters in Christ and asking to be forgiven ... Then your prayers will not be hampered.

We love you and want only the best for you.

Faithful are the friends who will be honest enough to warn you and humble enough to say so to your face.

There are Seven things that the Lord Hates and sowing discord is at the top of the List.