Sunday, April 6, 2014

WarSaw Pack round 2? Russian and Chinese aliases ?

Trouble everywhere in the World . What does it all mean? Even Secular wisdom is predicting World War 3. The Rich get Richer their trust is in their back pocket. It always looks like they are going to win UNTIL you consider Who is in control ... Like King David when we go into the Sanctuary of the Lord then we see how slippery their positions are.

As for me and My House we will Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ because tomorrow your soul might be required of you! Are you safe ? You can be ask the Lord Jesus Christ to open your eyes He will and when you accept him you will be safe against all Alarms.

Many things are happening all at once Earthquakes and Wars Nation against Nation Matthew 24 Is the bible chapter where Jesus is Telling Peter that the temple will be torn down where they are standing and talking ... 70 years later Roman Soliers did just that to get the Gold Mortar. He says that when the times of the Gentiles are fullfilled that there will be alot of things start to happen more frequently. In Daniel 7 He says that in the last days there will be an increase of knowledge like never before. Why is Israel important to bible prophecy because Israels Messiah Jesus Christ is to come back to Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives.

For the first time in history, Israel is closing all it’s embassies and consulates worldwide, the timing, the events going on across the globe, the missing Malaysia flight and the potential for this plane that is missing since March 9th possibly being used in a terrorist attack, all indicate that Israel is bringing their people back home where they can be protected, no matter what they claim is the “official” reason.

Israel recently threatened to “destroy” those that would attack them and a move like this, a historical move, could very well mean that Israel expects World War III to break out and is acting accordingly.

Something huge is coming… be prepared.

Of course our protection is our individual relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

It never hurts to examine yourself to make sure you are in the faith.

Beware of a False Salvation?