Friday, April 18, 2014

How do you pronounce Ishtar .... Easter ?

This Ishtar, or Eostre, was worshiped as the goddess of love and fertility, and as the life of nature. Not taught in the Bible!

 In Babylonish mythology, this "queen of heaven" was worshiped as the goddess of the sexual impulse. 

"Easters": "A spring feast was celebrated. These occasions were marked with great sexual license." The "groves" connected with the "high places" that Israel so frequently "went a whoring with" (Psalms 106:28-39) were the images and places where these filthy "queen of heaven" festivals were carried on. 

The word "groves," found forty times in our English Bible, comes from the Hebrew word "Asherah" and is always associated with the worship of Ashtoreth, alias Ishtar, Eostre, the goddess of spring.
Ancient Babylonians believed an egg fell from heaven into the Euphrates River and the fishes rolled it to the shore where the doves hatched out "the Queen of Heaven," or Ishtar. Hence, the egg became a symbol of Ishtar, the licentiously worshiped goddess of the ancients , Any GOD will do Christendom in its celebration of Easter and other pagan GODLESS, BLOODLESS religions are allowing false doctrines to creep in that is called Apostacy. Christ who has the free gift of salvation is not a false religion. We are either for Jesus Christ OR we are against Jesus Christ there is no neutral ground.

The rabbit fad at Easter time can be traced back to pagan Germany. Children were told that if they were good, a white hare would steal into the house while they were asleep and secrete any number of beautifully colored eggs in odd corners of the house. Here then originated the modern "Easter egg hunt" provided for innocent children.

I hope that you prayerfully examine your life to see if you are in the faith.

If you where born into a Christian Home but you really do not have Christ as first in your life, or not at all in your heart then You should do that now.

Do that in private and ask the Lord to help you get back the JOY of your salvation or give you Joy in your new salvation.

No need for a public show, if you are saved people will see the difference and when they do tell them about the hope That is in you. The Bible is Gods Word.
Ask God to teach you about His Word! The Gospel of John! click on the link at the top right, looks like a speaker, to have a professional Actor read this Gospel to you! 


P.S. What does the twelve virgins refer to?