Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Noah's Ark and the Soviet Union !

Noah's Ark

Americans have a short attention span these days, We like a mystery about hijacked airplanes or a tragedy like the mud slide in Washington State. A Mock Movie about Noah's Ark full of piazzas Hollywood literary licenses anything to itch our ears  and take us away from the Reality of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.. It is your responsibility to know what God expects of you! The Bible speaks to you BUT only if you read it asking the Holy Spirit of God to come in and explain it to you personally
God is doing a lot of things these last days to get peoples attention.  He says that just before He comes again that the earth will be like it was in the Days of Noah. There will be Wars and Rumored Wars, WW I, WW II and then , we will have trouble like we have never had before. All of these things are a warning to the people who will accept Jesus as their personal savior and have gone into the ARK which is Jesus Christ and then when all who will be saved have been saved, the end comes.

 The Bible Prophecy about rumors of war is going on right now,  we have one getting ready,  as the Russian people start to put the Soviet Union back together again.

Ezekiel 37 and 38 speak of the area we know as the Soviet Union. Many of the countries that belong to the G7 talks right now can be seen in the Ancient Map of Europe. Tarshish is Great Britain, Gomer is Spain , Togarmah is Turkey etc. etc.  

Bible Prophecy is concerned with Israel and Her Messiah Jesus Christ.

Eastern Ukraine.
Ever since Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February, there have been frequent pro-Russian demonstrations in Donetsk and other cities in eastern Ukraine. At least one person has been killed.
Russia has blamed far-right pro-Western demonstrators for escalating tensions there. Russian troops have staged military exercises near the border and remain in the area. It would not be difficult for them to move across into Ukraine itself.
If Russia is considering more territorial expansion, eastern Ukraine would be high on the list.
The political costs, however, could be high: Nato and Western leaders have warned against further expansionism. Crimea only became part of Ukraine in 1954. Ukraine's eastern border goes back much further.